Thunder Mountain Lodge Outfitters is committed to providing our hunters with a quality private land hunt in the rugged north central mountains of Pennsylvania. In a state where many hunters must hunt on public game lands and forest our hunters enjoy the chance to harvest the magnificent whitetail deer, the elusive black bear or the challenging Eastern turkey without concern of competition or encroachment from other hunters. A hunt at Thunder Mountain Lodge Outfitters is not for the trophy hunter looking for a high scoring Boone & Crockett buck, rather it is for the outdoors person looking for a truly quality overall experience on private land managed exclusively for the wildlife. These are fair chase hunts tailored for each hunter and their unique desires. A page thru of the photo gallery shows the improvement in the quality of whitetail bucks harvested over the past ten years with one buck scoring 136 Boone & Crockett points, something very remarkable for this area of the state. In addition our lodge is exquisitely appointed and our gourmet meals insure that your overall experience will be memorable



Located near Roulette, Pennsylvania, our property was purchased in 1989. In 2000 we built our lodge and there has been two renovations since. In 1996 after several years of planning and enjoying the land, we began clearing for food plots.  The first food plots were formally established in 1997 and we have increased the number of plots from one to the six we currently have. 

In 2001 we initiated an antler restrictions to 3 points per side. We have worked with wildlife biologist since 2004 to establish optimal herd size for the property. In addition we have established no hunting zone sanctuaries on the property, limited the number of hunters for the past 12 years, and provided supplemental winter feeding for the past 14 years.

We offer excellent hunting opportunities on our well managed property. Including:

  • Deer

  • Bear

  • Turkey

  • Varmint

All hunts include lodging, excellent meals, and the support of an experienced guide, offering 1:1 hunts.

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